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I can't believe I haven't done this before. Thanks to Marc St. Pierre, who reminded me.

  • Chief Mechanic: Paul Glaves, Alpine, TX. Paul has been writing the Bench Wrenching column in the BMW MOA Owners News for ages. What really makes him stand out as a mechanic, however, is that he has kept Voni's bikes on the road long enough for her to rack up 1,000,000 BMW miles! However, this may be a new challenge for Paul, as I think his wrenching experience only goes back to Airheads and Flying Bricks. Paul will also be piloting the Sprinter van.
  • Assistant Mechanic #1: Don Cameron, Deming, NM. Don is the former owner of Deming Cycle Center and a very handy fellow. He once repaired an F650 single that had lost it's drive sprocket nut somewhere in the general vicinity of the Pecos River with a piece of barbed wire, which was sufficient to get the bike into a Napa store, where he was able to get a counterman there to find a 22mm nut (which was for the front suspension of a small Ford, I believe). It's this kind of out of the box thinking that I hope I will not need but want to have at my disposal.
  • Assistant Mechanic #2 and Gopher: Steve Woodward, Deming, NM. Steve and I have been riding buddies for about two decades. I recall we were riding with two other guys in Mexico, and we came into Oaxaca behind them, and didn't know where the hotel was. Steve hired a taxi to lead us to the hotel. I know he has my back!
  • Videographer: Jeff Wu, San Francisco, CA. Jeff is a model maker to the movies and a talented graphic artist. The Team Boxer Rebellion logo was his design.
  • On Call Machinist: Brent Hansen, Sebastopol, CA. Brent has been through a lot of this bike and is experienced with vintage BMWs in general, as he runs an independent vintage BMW shop.

While Paul will drive the van, the other team members will be riding their own bikes. In particular, Jeff will be shooting video from his bike.


Fellow Cannonballer Support

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Hi Darryl,

Been following along with the adventures of Team Boxer Rebellion on the long road to the Cannonball. My team, Carson Classic Motors, would be interested in helping out by donating some money. If you would, can you give me a call? My number is 936-239-6615.


Buck Carson
Cannonballer #3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team


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Hi Darryl, is the Cannonball route coming through Michigan?

Rick Griffith

Your route

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What is your route from Sandusky to the ferry across lake Michigan? It would be fun to ride along a ways with you all. Best of luck, Kevin Sugg. Motor City Beemers.

Ohio and Michigan

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Yes, the Cannonball is coming through Michigan. We will arrive in Sandusky, OH on Sunday, September 9th and on the 10th we will travel across Michigan to Muskegon, where we will board a late afternoon ferry across to Milwaukee. There we will be at the Harley Davidson Museum to display our bikes and for a hosted dinner.

We welcome any rider that wants to come along for any part of the ride. If for no other reason than I'm more than a little concerned about traffic coming up quickly on me, I wouldn't mind the company!

However, we won't know any of the actual routes until evening before we ride them, when the route sheets for the next day are handed out. The only real specific that we've been told is that we will be travelling 62 miles through Cleveland and on to Sandusky on an interstate, which I presume means I-90. Otherwise, based on the locations we're travelling, I can only guess at what the route will be right now. In fact, as a local, you probably have a much better idea of where we will go than I do.

We will be in Muskegon to catch the 4:45pm Lake Express ferry.

--Darryl Richman
"Bling is not made in Germany" --OTL, 12/05

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