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Below is a photo of where I am with the Sprinter today. I laid the vinyl flooring and put down the coving and bullnose that covers the edges. That was a lot of work, there must be an easier way than how I did it. It took me all day to lay a paper drop cloth, make a template, cut out the rough from the flooring, place it, make it fit, lift one half and roll out the glue, let it set, put that half down and lift the other half, glue, set and replace the second half. Then I had to figure out how to get the coving to go around the wheel wells reasonably (I cut big Vs in it where it goes around a curve and the seams mostly came together right.

I've built the fold out table with its fold out legs, and put a sheet of flashing on top. I still need to cut of the edge hanging down and screw it in place there.

I made my visit to Harbor Freight and bought the air compressor (lower right), a vise and a roller stool to outfit the back. I also bought a bag of shop rags, a magnetic parts dish and a flourescent work light.

I got word that the inverter has shipped. I think I will run two 15 foot extension cords from the cab to the top of either side of the cargo area and mount power strips up there. On the right side it will be over the work table, which should be convenient.

I haven't yet mounted the wheel chock in place. I figure I'll do that when the inverter shows up, since I'll have to tear the cab apart at that time and cut holes in the bulkhead.

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Sprinter mods

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Nice work, Darryl. I've done some flooring in my life, and I'm glad it was you and not me this time.

I like the workbench; it'll be useful, especially with better lighting. I write to suggest that you consider mounting at least the right-side extension cord so that its power strip is at the height of the workbench, or below, but not above. In the last four garages I've outfitted for myself, I put the power strips or electrical sockets under the front edge of the bench surface. That way, the cords are always out of my way, and never cross the bench or hang in my visual field.

It may be a challenge to do this in the Sprinter, because the bench folds. But I think putting electricity up above the bench is the wrong approach.

Consider too that you may wish to work on something outside the van, and that it would be good to be able to easily access power out beyond the rear bumper, or outside the side door(s).


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Thanks for the suggestions, Dave!

My idea was that the power strip would be up far enough to be entirely out of the way of the folding table. Power cords for tools could then drape off to one side or the other of the deployed table. Having the power strip up like that would make it possible for one person to work at the table and yet let someone else plug in the compressor (outside the van to keep the noise down).

If the power strip was on or under the table, then access from either the left or right sides (front or back of the cargo area) would be limited. If it was on the wall just above the table surface, it would be blocked when the table was folded away and the cords might get hung up in whatever was being worked on, on the table.

The power strip on the left side of the cargo area will be for plugging in the overhead lights, the work light (you can see that clipped to the frame rail near the right side door in the photo) and the battery charger.

--Darryl Richman
"Bling is not made in Germany" --OTL, 12/05

Power Strips

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Makes sense on the left side of the van.

On the right side, power should be available at the table when it's open, or when it's closed, as well as available out both doors. I understand not putting power on or under the table, but I think mounting the strips to the side of the van, on each side of the table, would be superior to mounting above it: the cords won't be in the way, the outlets can be used whether the table is up or down, and power will be available at the doors. Splurge and put a power strip on each side of the table (go ahead risk it: plug one into the other...the fire marshal will never see it). The forward one can be screwed to the rib just aft of the side door. Following my earlier comments, I think that mounting at table height, or slightly lower, will actually be more user-friendly than putting them up high.

Who's Your 'Chase' Crew?

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Just curious as to who you've got lined up to follow you in the TBR Chase vehicle. I think they're also worthy of mention in your blog. A little bio on each one would be nice, too. Is Heather one of them?

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