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Hi everyone,

I know I am a new rider and we are known for stalling out, but I have never had this much of a problem with a clutch in my life. I spent over $600 last week to get the bike up and running fine again and a bunch of worn out parts replaced.

It was running well and the bike shop owner took it out himself and said he was impressed on how well it ran.

Then the problems started...My clutch does not seem to be engaging any or much power to the rear wheel to find the "friction zone" in first gear until I let it almost all the way out and I am giving it about 2k RPM, I just don't want the bike to fly out from underneath me. But then it jerks forward and stalls most the time. I can get it going sometimes but am almost amazed when it happens. And I have NEVER had this much of a problem on a bike before.

After about 10-12 times of stalling out and restarting yesterday my electric starter stopped turning over and then stopped making noise all together. I kickstarted it and got it going....Then stalled again. HAD to walk my bike home!

I called the bike shop and got some new spark plugs b/c they said I might have "Fouled them and flooded the engine". So I got some new ones and installed them and the bike is still not revving up even with new spark plugs!!!

Any suggestions or help with what is wrong would be much appreciated! I just got the bike and when I got her going she was absolutely great to ride!

I know I am a newbie, but I have ridden enough bikes to something is wrong with the clutch engaging and now the bike is not running at all!!! PLEASE help explain!

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Clutch Adjustment

First things, let's be sure you have the clutch adjusted correctly. I posted this in the past:


This procedure was taught to mechanics at BMW tech school...I took it from Tom Cutter, a well knowm BMW mechanic on the east cost. Go through this first and then report back on what's not working.

You've probably drained your battery...put it on some kind of charger or battery tender to get it back to a healthy state.


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