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Hi all, I am a somewhat new owner of a beautiful R60/2 that is in great restored condition. I have been going through the bike over the past few months of owning it, and when I put on the euro low bars I noticed the Hi/Lo beam switch is either not wired up, or broken.

I have the headlight bucket wiring diagram and I am going to tear in to the project today. I was wondering if anybody has some input or suggestions on where to start with troubleshooting this problem?

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...with a name like

...with a name like "Maybach", any very high end restoration should be duck soup to you...but...FWIW, check that terminal 56a, 56b and 56 are correctly wired on both headlamp bulb holder and chrome hi/lo/horn thingie on clutch perch, and that both lo and hi filaments are continuous on your headlamp bulb...

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why low?

Why low bars? The US bikes came with higher bars with a crosspiece.

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@JeffDean -- Its a pleasure

@JeffDean -- Its a pleasure to hear from you, your site is the main reason I purchased the bike I did Smile Thank you!

@R68 Maybach is a nickname my friend gave me years ago, it stuck.. Thanks for the advise. I took it apart a few months ago when installing the albert headlight mirrors and it looked to me like the wire to the switch has just not been hooked up to the circuit board. I'll check those terminals.

Thanks again!

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Two Hotties

Jeff - I am happy to see the picture of those two hotties with the first bike at the factory in Berlin. Looks like the air cleaner went on last in the production line. Were those girls some important person's wives? Daughters? or perhaps paint stripers without their aprons?
That first bike looks like a R50/2 or R60/2 with the later hand levers but seems to have a crankshaft balancer bump?? Whats with that? What was the year? 1965? I see the typical US bars. They look good.


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