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I have finally got my website set up and can offer the following sponsorship opportunities so you can participate in Team Boxer Rebellion:

  • Buy Stickers! - I have 4" x 3" stickers available, at $2 each or 3 for $5.
  • Put Your Name on the Chase Van - For $40, your name will be proudly displayed on the side of my big, yellow Sprinter van as it heads east to the start and west to the finish.
  • Donate Directly - Any amount is helpful, and you get to pick it.

You've already seen here where some of the expenses are in this undertaking. At $4.25/gallon for diesel and $4/gallon for gas, not to mention meals and hotel rooms for 17 days, for 5 people, it adds up quick. Even just the oil and lube changes each day for the bike turn into more than $200. If you feel so inclined, any support for the Team is really appreciated. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

A few people have already contributed, and I'd like to mention them here:


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