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New member looking for parts source.

My '79 R65 sat outside for 24 years (from '84 to 2008) with 1100 miles on it before I rescued it. I actually got it running and drivable in a few hours but it's taken some work to get it back in shape (all engine and tranny seals, most exterior rubber. Fairing, paint and saddle are original). Unfortunately, it has a damaged head as a result of the left side having water in it and removing the plug took a chunk out of the threads too much for a standard insert to handle. That was temporarily solved (4000 miles ago) with a custom over-sized threaded bushing which eventually came loose. An attempt to tack weld it in place was not successful. The bottom line is that I'm looking for a used head to make it right. I've searched for months with no luck. I'd even be willing to buy a whole junk engine or bike to get a good head. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Malcolm - As a last ditch

Malcolm -

As a last ditch effort, I would suppose that the hole could be completely welded and new threads cut.

There are used/salvage yards around; a couple that come to mind are:



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