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Revisiting an older topic: For over a year I've complained about my Farley side stand being unstable, and this week I addressed the problem by just heating and bending it and shaving off a little flat spot where the foot meets the ground. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The effect was to increase the angle by two or three degrees, and that little change was just enough to solve the problem. Before, on level ground (first picture; click to make it bigger) a slight inadvertent bump would cause it to tip over to the right. I could never trust it and so rarely used it. In the second picture, you can see a slight change in angle. With just that small change, it will withstand a serious shove and not budge. The third picture, taken from the back, shows it parked with the bars at full left lock, which increases the stability even more.

If you look closely at the foot of the stand in the first two pictures, you can see what I did to it. In effect, I moved the bend about half an inch inboard, which produced that funny little tip-up at the end. I used the bench grinder to make the flat spot on the bottom.

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