sweet rig !

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yikes mookie - that is to die for !
-= Like =-

VBMWMO #5514 - 1964 R27 13K miles, 1986 R65 18K miles,
2002 325xit 26K miles, 1984 M-B 300D-T 183K miles. Retired m/c road racer (1971-2000)
M-Benz Star Technician, BMW Master Tech (cars), Certified BMW (bike) Technician, now in BMW Car Sales.

Thanks for your comment. It

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Thanks for your comment. It looks a little different now. I put on a solo seat I like the way it makes the bike look. I've owned the rig for 20 years now. Unrestored only freshened up a little with chrome & spokes.


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Very nice BMW sidecar!!

Do like to sell it!!!


fantastic piece of

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fantastic piece of enginering!

What year is the side car?

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I have an old Berlin Police R60 with a TR500 with the blue interior that looks exactly like yours. Have all the paperwork from the factory on, 12/63 from factory to 1/64 dealership to Police Dept. In 1969 I got it from a guy that picked them up at government auction and exported them to Turkey. The id plate on the Steib shows 195 and a blank where they should have put in the last number of the year with a metal stamp. I was told at the time the the sidecars last in service longer than the motorcycle and it was probably older than the bike. Do you know for sure what year your side car was built?

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