Amazing bike

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Greats ,

As a BMW WWII bike fan I congrat you for this amazing bike and also piece of history. I look forward for another pictures from restoring and I hope I ll find my own project as yours. I ve already search this kind of bikes all around Europe and they are really hard to find. You re a lucky guy.

Regards from Portugal PRR

Bad A-ss

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Wow...this is most amazing indeed! What a piece of history saved. Any recent photos? I have yet to buy my first vintage BMW but it is going to happen.

R11 Restoration

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You have outdone yourself, and the engineers that designed and built it would be very proud..Great Job!!!!

Duncan Crittenden
Freeport, Fl

R62 Restoration

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You have certainly done an excellent job!!
Enjoyed all your pictures !!

I wish that my R62 would look like that if I ever get that far,
my bike was originally imported into Australia about 1933 with Steib sidecar,personal transport of Melbourne motorcycle dealer.He died about 1942,bike was sold about 1950,brought over to Tasmania,had some repairs carried out but due to unavailability of bits no more work done.
Remained like that until 1973 when I bought it,stripped down to frame ,bead blasted,rust proofing and undercoat,re enamelled and bright metal nickel plated,Kickstarter shaft had been broken,welded and broken again so had a new shaft machined (+hours for splines!) had some headers made (awful unfortunately) and a few other things...
It is fairly complete,Bosch light and horn,aluminium pistons ,runningboards,carryrack,wrong throttle,missing hornbutton(courtesy of platers,) and missing speedo. still no mufflers, I had it running for a very short time with open headers!!

However circumstances changed,and nothing has been done since for over 20 years,unfortunately Australia is a bit out of the way,
This R62 may be the only one in Australia.

Good luck with the bike. Regards,Hank Muller former VBMO member 1287

1964 BMW

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Sir,Just purchased a 1964 BMW , found it in an ole timers garage covered in blankets. No nothing about BMW,s ,allways a Harley guy. Need parts badly. Frame ,tires,wheels ,drivetrain original.Frontend ,gas tank , seat ,who knows , but definitly not BMW. Where can I possibly find parts for this bike? Can you help me? Russell klemm , , 727-374-5850 thanks.

I appreciate all the comments

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I appreciate all the comments received, I am very pleased with the result. At this moment (Feb 13) I am waiting for registration doc's so I can start to ride it, and hope it will ride as well as it looks.

Hank, you need to get on with that bike! Many of the parts are readily available now, certainly the parts you mention, and with your Dollar strong against the Euro they should be a bargain. Tasmania is a stunning place, wish I had known about the bike when I was there.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you can sort it.

Hi. Actually I was looking

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Hi. Actually I was looking for a pair of Cast Iron cylinders for 1928-1929 BMW R62. The one I have right now is in a terrible shape. I really doubt if a welder could repair at least one of them.


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Hi, my name is Grzegorz and I'm from Poland.
I have BMW62 from 1928. I start restoration my BMW, but I have a big problem with find foto and size of kickstand, because my one kickstand was corroded.
Could you (or somebody) send me a foto and size of kickstand on my email:
Thanks very much and of coures GRATE JOB with yours projekt!!!!!!!!!!!

Grzegorz, Poland

Nice job!

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That's some fine restoration work on that vintage, Ian. Amazing transformation!

Your build is being featured in the directory here: Ian R11's R62 Build.
We’re currently displaying only a reduced-size photo (similar to what you’d find in Google Images).
We'd like to ask for your permission to publish the original full-size image with your build listing.

If anyone would like to have a build of their own listed, just shoot me a PM with a link to the build thread and we’ll take care of the rest.
If you wish to add your build personally, please feel free to peruse our Submit feature. No registrations required.


Amazing job!

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BuildFan here from BuildThreads, Inc.

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