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Hi everyone,

I thought you all would get a kick out of this story of this R90s.

Can you see it?

My neighbor had a a friend who is an older gentleman, apparently a bit of a pack rat (but aren't we all) who put away his R90s.... 20 years ago.

My neighbor arranged to purchase the bike and we went to go get it yesterday.

I've got it in my workshop now going through it.

I'd like to mention that my neighbor is seeking to sell or trade the bike. He's seeking a /5 or /2.

More pics and story to come.

Best regards,

Scottie Sharpe
San Jose CA

Scott, email me. I'm

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email me. I'm interested. I'm in Half Moon Bay,CA.
Remove the three sets of three stars

Sold! I 'll let the new

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I 'll let the new owner tell the story if he likes.

See you on the road!

San Jose CA

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