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Nice ride Garrett. What type of Panniers are on your baby? I'm looking for some for my '66 R60/2.
Thanx for any input.


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HI Luke. They are original Enduro's from the 60's manufactured by the company of that name in Connecticutt specifically for use on the 1955-1969 frames. I think they went out of business in the 70's, although there is some guy who bought the rights to manufacture them, and apparently does make a replica. I have occasionally seen them on ebay, but they not have the BMW rondelle and pinstriping. You can see them in person at the Vintage BMW rally in Oregon the weekend of Aug 17-19 if you are near there. Best regards, Garrett.

Enduro Bags

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Thanx Garrett.
Yeah i was trying to find the guy that does the after market ones.

Best wishes,

The last I heard was that a

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The last I heard was that a company in Nevada named Luxor Marine was making them, but that was a while ago and I've since heard that they aren't making them any more. Wish I had more info. They've been reproduced by several different makers, and out of different materials. The rest of the world doesn't know about them as they were an American idea.

--Darryl Richman
"Bling is not made in Germany" --OTL, 12/05

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