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I tried to change my oil and filter today for the first time. I have a r100/7 engine on a r60/2 frame (with sidecar). When I try to remove the oil filter cover it strikes the frame tube and will not come out. It there an option besides removing the entire engine.

I think if i could get it off and shave a little off the outer edge I could wedge it back into place.

Thanks for any help.


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I use the "hinged" filters on

I use the "hinged" filters on my /5 because they solve all of the "fouling issues".



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I've never seen a /7 engine

I've never seen a /7 engine in a /2 frame so I don't know the clearance issues with the cover. However, on my /7, it does take some finagling for me to get my cover off. It has to be worked sideways at some point...usually it's the rear portion of my cover that gets in the way. The hinged filter might be helpful once you get the cover off but it shouldn't be hindering you from getting the cover off.


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