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I saw an R12, R42, R62, R60 US, R66, R75/5 and an RS in the listings along with some neat non-BMW pieces.




1973 BMW R75/5 (LWB) "Griselda" (stock looking but with logical/practical improvements), 1971 Norton Commando "Commando Bizarro" (a truly strange custom project), 1936 BMW R2 "Ediltrudis" (stock, currently out getting a pro restoration). www.vinceandersononline.com

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Vegas Auction

I believe there was also an R50S, which I fancied but "being between jobs" I had to give it a miss!


Regards, Mike

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Never thought I could reached

Never thought I could reached and get myself one Smile I know you could have it maybe not just this time.


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