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Quick and easy: What restoration / part manual do you recommend on getting for the R50/2?

I see offerings from:





What would you recommend in your experience?

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You need both

These are different books. The parts book shows (almost) every detail but says nothing about how to do the work. The Barrington manual is the complement to this.


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couldnt find on ebay or

couldnt find on ebay or amazon? i just dont want to pay so much, maybe used one, does anyone sells?

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The Barrington book is super...

The books are two different things...the book Vech has is a parts book...shows exploded pictures of the parts and gives the parts number.... but nothing on how to repair or service.

The Barrington book is the perfect book... it is a bit expensive..but once you have it you will find it invaluable..awsome..and totally necessary to have... it is large and well laid out giving detailed descriptions and tips as to what to look for.. not only how to repair and restore but how to evaluate the bike properly and estimate the costs of restoration.

I have been restoring BMW motorcycles most of my driving life, I have taught mechanics and have tons of books, and without a doubt
this is the diffinitive book you should own... I am buying a second one just to have one in the shop and one in my home...it's that good...I often use it...

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