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Photo © Ian Schmeisser

In case you haven't heard about the Motorcycle Cannonball event, here is a brief description: In 2010, Lonnie Isam organized the first Motorcycle Cannonball, in honor of "Cannonball" Baker's historic 11 day cross country ride. In the 2010 run, 45 riders started on the pier at Kitty Hawk, NC and 37 finished at the Santa Monica, CA pier. All were riding motorcycles built before 1916, and 10 of them achieved perfect scores, covering every one of the 3294 miles under their own power.

In 2012, Isam is reprising the Cannonball. The route will run from Newburgh, NY (just outside New York City) to San Francisco, CA, from September 7th through the 23rd. This time the route will be longer (just under 4,000 miles) and more difficult (passing over the high Rockies), but he is allowing motorcycles built before 1930 to join the fun.

This is where I come in. The original run precluded participation by a rider mounted on a BMW, as the company did not exist until 1918 and didn't produce a motorcycle until 1923. For the 2012 run, I have entered my 1928 R52. My intention is to share this adventure with you, here, on the VBMWMO's website.

My personal website is now set up to offer the following sponsorship opportunities so you can participate in Team Boxer Rebellion: