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Here is a great battery I used for my R69s. It is the exact height of the old original types and also much better than my previous battery. Initially I had purchased a "vintage battery" from S. Meyer in Germany and it ended up being a "vintage battery shell" with a small sealed battery bopping around inside. I had to stick some dense foam in there to keep it from rattling around and the capacity is so small that the lights would dim at idle......
I purchased THIS battery
and it is a actual fully sealed battery and the lights are so much brighter than before,and holds a strong charge. You can get a Bosch vintage battery sticker from various sources for that period effect.


Thomas M.
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Not a lot of information

Not a lot of information about the battery on their site. It looks like it has a square base like the /3's, or is it a rectangular base like a /2?

I've never found a good battery for my /3, not like it matters all that much running a magneto. But I've been thinking about running a capacitor just to give a little cleaner juice. Anybody got any suggestions on a capacitor, or what kind of ratings gives a steady current? I'm looking at the following, but maybe it's overkill.

I'd consider the sharp looking battery above if I knew the dimensions.

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It is rectangular based,and

It is rectangular based,and it is a sealed battery. The website incorrectly says "acid not included",when it is a sealed unit. It is the same dimiension as the /2 ones.


Thomas M.
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Here's a cheaper alternative,

Here's a cheaper alternative, and it's sealed AGM
Eagle Picher 18AH!
I currently use a Rayovac/Werker 14AH AGM battery with an R27 strap.

I actually own a Vespa GS160 and the battery you bought has a slight premium because it's a GS160 battery replica. In the Vespa world GS160 anything commands a premium. They are kind of like the R68 for earles forks.

From my owner's manual, the GS160 battery's dimensions are as follows
94mm x 83mm x 165mm
(3.7in x 3.288in x 6.49in)


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How about any vintage looking

How about any vintage looking 12 V batteries for an R60/2 ?

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Sealed /2 battery

I have been using the batteries below in all my slash-2s for years. Not one has failed me and they charge quickly and hold their charges well. Last time I checked -- $31 each at Batteries Plus.


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Vech has some really nice

Vech has some really nice battery stickers....exact copies of the originals... several years ago I was working on a bike for a man who wanted a good look alike...we painted his battery black with a wrinkle finish flat black and put the decals on and from a few feet away it looked perfect... Vech sure has gone a long way to help us with this stuff... fine person..he is a treasure to our hobby.
Joel Rapose


Joel Rapose
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Found a great battery for the R69S, R60/2
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Shorai 12V

Take a look at the Shorai catalog. I found an almost identical size with vintage looking ribbed sides
for the 12V upgrade. They may offer a 6V version.

  • shorai_12v.jpg
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I make a proper Bosch battery

I make a proper Bosch battery shell for 55-69 as well as pre 55

  • 110a473f-f943-4fc4-81b1-3b31ffc91ae0.jpeg
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