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Hello I bought this bike last year and put only 300 miles on it before the snow flew. It never ran right but I figured Id get to it this spring. Ive been so busy I was just able to get it out yesterday and put 100 miles on it. I was so frustrated by the time i got it home i knew i had to do something to cure the running issues. And it had a lot of them. Improperly adjusted valves. Cables all out of whack,filthy carbs.. Timing??
This is my first vintage bike but Im fairly mechanical and familiar with old BMW cars .. So I started searching for my symptoms. I think I went about things backwards and Im not finished but the bike runs 10 times better from what Ive done.
I dismantled the carbs and cleaned them and adjusted the floats.. Adjusted the valves and synched the cables best i know how,. I still had a stumble off idle and came across an article about warped carb flanges so i got the carb cleaner out and sure enough my left carb was sucking unmetered air. I sealed that up and the bike runs like new. I havent timed it yet or checked the points and I suppose I should have done that today but the end result is still good., This is a great forum with tons of good info to be found. Thank you for all of those who contribute and make it simple to figure out my own bikes problems

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Sounds like your time was

Sounds like your time was well spent...great reward! Be sure and check the timing on the R69S...if she pings much, that might blow a hole in the piston. Pretty high compression engine...supposed to be 9.5:1. The early R69Ss had the small spring on the advance unit that was supposed to limit advance, but these were prone to breaking. They came out with a newer design. Duane Ausherman has that all on his website...that's probably where you read about the carb flange fix. He's got other gems on his site.


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