Friday, June 10, 2011

It's not often that the car people give we motorcyclists a lot of room in their media, but that's not the case with the four long pages that Sports Car Digest has given author and photographer William Edgar. His extensive piece reviewing this year's Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering, titled Bike Day Bliss, covers every aspect of the event in detail.

From the ride around the Monterey Peninsula the day before, through the custom and vintage bikes on display, the excellent show conditions, the Bonhams & Butterfield auction to the awards ceremony, all illustrated with lush photos, Edgar has produced a great piece. Warning! Cover your keyboard lest your drool shorts it out!

Edgar's lens captures many BMWs from among all the other exciting iron, including Gary Lewis' ultra rare 1934 R37 sport bike, redolent with its nickel plating, and the 1925 R32 that reached a cool $120k hammer price before selling (+17% buyer's premium and California state sales tax!)

Photo © William Edgar