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Hello all;

I'm very happy for find this Club, I have several BMW but now I have in my hands one R 42 restauration, everithing is very simplex but my problems now is the engine, I need a parts book for find the way of remove several part inside the engine, I'm worry about damege something If I don't do it properly. I will be very glad if somebody could tell me where find or send me several engine slides or pictures.

Ather thing is pistons and cylinder are dameged and I need find one brand new oversize pistons et 68,5mm. I need again your support.

Thanks in advance for all.

Antonio Magaña

Bruce Frey
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Try this

Try this vendor:


I thought Huggett or Dreher would have them, but they do not list them in their inventory.

If you make the trip to Vetermama, there are usually several vendors with copies of Handbuchs and Ersatzteillistes for prewar BMW


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