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About the East Side Classic -
The east side classic is a fund raising vintage motorcycle and scooter rally supporting the Austin Pets Alive no-kill animal shelter. This will be the 2nd Annual event held on June 19th, and as always, the event is free to all. The rally will be located in the heart of Austin's east side, at The East Side Drive-In, 1001 e 6th st. Plenty of motorcycle parking and places to get a drink or a bite to eat. All bikes welcome!

This years event will include:

Ride Up Bike Show -
Enter your bike in the show for a chance to win a prize, trophy and bragging rights for a measly $5 donation to Austin Pets Alive. Categories include: Best American stock, Best American modified, Best Euro stock, Best Euro modified, Best Japanese stock, Best Japanese modified, Best Scooter, Best Cafe Racer, Best of Show.

Bargain Bike Build Off -
With a bike you picked up for $500 or less(or from a dumpster), a little creativity and some bloodied knuckles your bike could be crowned the winner. We need to see a before picture to confirm the "before" mess, the bike has to run and idle. That's it. Coolest bike and most frugal builder wins. Winner gets a trophy, prize and a box of band aids. Both the bike show and the build off will be judged by Austin's finest vintage motorcycle mechanics.

Buy raffle tickets at $2 a pop or 3 for $5 for your best chance to win some great prizes. It ain't the Texas lotto but your odds at winning are a lot better.

Expect to find cool local Austin vendors, great music and plenty of eye candy.

Q. What time does The East Side Classic start?
A. 11:00 a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m.

Q. Where is The East Side Classic?
A. The East side Classic is on 6th street just east of i35 at the East Side Drive in.

Q. Where do I park/enter?
A. Motorcycle parking only at the East side Classic, everything else has to fend for itself on the streets around the drive in. Basically, you and your bike being there IS half the show. If your bike doesn't fit in the lot, please park your rear wheel to the curb on the streets surrounding the East side Classic. That makes for an easy organized group of bikes to look at.

And if you feel like your bike needs special consideration or extra space, do yourself (and us) a favor and put it in the Show (lots of attention and lots of room) . If you enter your bike into the Official Bike Show (cost=$5), you get to park in the center of the event.

Q. How can I be a total chach / douche / buzzkill?
A. Do a burnout or speed around the East Side Drive-In. This will not get you laid, but it will get you kicked out. Someone is gonna get hurt, and that will be the end of The East Side Classic. For good. No joke. Do it away from the East Side Drive-In, please.



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