WOW, this is the best I have

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WOW, this is the best I have seen of this combination, an absolute credit to your workmanship.

60/2 & steib

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Thanks Peter! I'm glad you enjoy it. I just took it out yesterday for a country ride with one of my dogs ( yes I have a seat cover...).

Great Rig!

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I agree with Peter....that is the nicest looking /2 rig I have seen! Congratulations!

Is your custom trailer the one shown transporting the bike and sidecar? I am looking for a trailer set up to carry my R6 rig or 2 bikes. Any suggestions?




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Your bikes are awesome as well but thanks! Well I bought a used light weight aluminum boat trailer & since everything was adjustable I just took off the pads for the boat, shortened the towing tonque ( 2 bolts ) & made a flat deck out of plywood. I also built a cowling
for the front to deflect stuff & in the cowling is a round hole ( I painted a BMW logo on the round hole cover - it took several tries....) so I can view the winching. I used marine rope instead of cable on the winch so I just tie a bowline on my crash bar & winch it up the planks ( 2 x 10's with 2 x 2 guides and aluminum plank ends ). So loading & off loading can be done alone - just make sure the angle ( length of planks ) is not too steep - the Steib is a low slung rig & can bottom out if your not careful... Anyway it's easy to do & light weight but it's not covered. But It's handy to have locally. In fact the BMW shop here has borrowed it for new deliveries.

R60/2 with S500 Sidecar

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Yours is a beautiful setup, Scott! Only one thing bothers me (slightly), perhaps because I'm old and the owner of a 1968 R69S that I bought new. It surprises me that bikes that are otherwise so impeccably detailed and true to their roots have chrome plated wheel covers and air cleaners. I've seen it several times. Whatever. Keep up the great work!


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