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My "new" 1957 R-26 is running great and a pleasure to ride. It has 48,000 miles on it... IF I am to believe the odometer.

I've read everything there is to be said and I'm convinced...I should get my oil slinger cleaned (or replace with a new one)

Question: From what I can see, access is relatively simple to get at the slinger ? Compared to a 2 cylinder only the front timing chain and main bearing need to be removed...not the crank? Then re install, then reinstall the magneto and tune up.

Provided I don't go further and replace bearings, how many hours of bench time would a skilled mechanic be looking at?

What would I expect to pay for this job assuming everything else looks OK ?

Any advice about how to approach this ? I do have a great mechanic who I have confidence in... but want to have a better idea of what I an getting into... and what to expect of him


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Grant - Not sure about how

Grant -

Not sure about how much less a single cylinder bike would cost, but I spent about $800 to have the bottom end done on my R69S and another $800 to have the top end done. These costs included all new parts for bottom and top ends. I also did all the external disassembly and handed the mechanic the block, less heads, cylinders, trans, ignition/timing parts.


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