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A few months back I bought 1973 LWB R75/5 and have been enjoying a fine time going over it from front to back: cleaning, adjusting, changing fluids, replacing cables, boots, etc...... you know, getting to know the machine. Everything has gone well and easy, but... now I have come to the issue of tires.
I have searched different forms to see what others are using/recommending and tire sites, have found very little. I could keep researching, but would like to get out on the road (and the surf city tech day is just around the corner). So, I thought I would throw out what I'm finding and see if anyone will respond some experience/wisdom. My question really is have I got the size right and am I looking at the "right" kind of tire for the bike. I would like it to look "correct" for the vintage but that is not a driving force, function is more important in the balance. I do plan to ride it on some long trips and to get to and from my house I have to cover a 1/4 mile of twisting gravel/hard/soft pack, so that plays into it. Nothing in dual sport tires fit that I can find, which would have been my first choice.
what I have found that fits the bike: all are bias ply tubeless which I assume need to be run with tubes
front 100/90 19, rear 110/90 18 (is this correct?)
Bridgestone Battlax BT 45
Dunlop D404
Conti Go
IRC Durotour R3-310
So there it is, thanks!
Santa Cruz, Ca. (Bonny Doon)

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I also have a 1973 R75/5, I

I also have a 1973 R75/5, I got mine a few months ago and right away I dumped the aging Conti's for Avon Roadriders and I could not be happier with them.

They are the stock sizes, even though they should be the same Metric and Inch tire sizes are different!


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Look into the Avon Roadrider

Look into the Avon Roadrider series...they're inch-size...a lot of people like them. I suggest staying away from metric tires as the profile is different and can affect handling, use of sidestand and make it harder to get up on the centerstand.


Kurt in S.A.
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I must admit I overlooked the

I must admit I overlooked the Roadrider, and in inch size too. I was on the Avon site but was focused on the Distanzia as I do need to get across my dirt road every time I ride. I believe the Distanzia makes an 4.00 -18 for the rear but the front would have to be 100/90-19. What kurt has to say regarding sizing difference (metric/inches) gives me pause.
Vince, I have been following your posts regarding your R75/5, nice, just a sweet looking bike!
Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it.

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