Gear box issues.

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Just got Betty back together after having a bearing replaced in the box..all of them actually. Tuned, adjusted, runs like a dream...until I hit third gear! The whole thing "jumped" like the clutch had slipped! Pulled over checked everything, clutch was ok, 1,2 & 4 no probs? Somethings not right with that 3rd gear Sad looks like she's coming out again. On the way home I noticed a rattle in the box when down through 2nd and then first...My day is getting worse. Only rattles under braking or she is pointing down hill. Has anyone ever had this issue? Oh well...back to the garage for further investigation.

Gear Box Issues cont...

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Finally found the time to take the gearbox out again. Hopefully I get it back before X-mas.
Dropped it out the rear this time after having only just finished the motor/exhaust. Guess this is as good a time as any to rebuild anything aft of the motor. The weather hasnt been to good lately so I hope Betty is all back together before those summer days roll in. Got my club membership card and sticker the other day, Betty dosent do stickers so I have ordered a tin version.

I'm sorry to hear about your

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I'm sorry to hear about your tranny woes. It sounds as if your mechanic didn't get the shifting adjusted right on 3rd gear, hope there's no damage. The transmissions on these bikes are the most exacting parts of the bike. Best wishes for a happy Xmas!

--Darryl Richman
"Bling is not made in Germany" --OTL, 12/05

Cheers and merry Xmas to all.

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I'll get onto the mechanic and be sure he knows whats what..thanks.
He only does BMW and I have been very happy with all his work thus far.
In case anyones interested its K&R BMW in Cheltnham Melbourne, nice and and seems to know his stuff.
Merry Xmas to one and all.
Still waiting in the new screen, got some pics while I was out the other day.

Mikuni or Bing?

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I've got the Mikunis back on after one of the bing floats decideed not to float anymore.
I think Betty breaths a little easier with them on?...Maybe the bings have just never been quite right. I have ordered a rebuild kit and will do a ground up rebuild on the Bings maybe thats all they really need..I would rather not go playing around with jet sizes just for now. I now realise the ABSOLUTE importance of correctly sealing your carbs..just the slightest air leak and Betty was coughing and carrying on. C'mon Xmas mail... I want to ride.

The gearbox saga cont.....

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Bit the bullet and have got the tranny out again...this time opted to pretty much do a full rebuild...after all theres really not too many parts is there Confused
Special thanks to Vetch who took the time out to answer my email and give some kind reassurances.
Just waiting on some parts now...the fantastic summer days have been teasing me and I cant wait to get her all back together.


28 Jan 2011

Apparently there a no new shift forks for /2s left anywhere.

Huggets ...NO, Uli's...NO, Barrington.....NO, Benchmark....wait....NO
A big thanks to Vetch from Benchmark who really did try...but alas a manufacturing fault scuttled that idea.

So the saga continues...after many, many hours and many more emails I finally managed to purchase a NOS shift fork from George Saunders of
Motorrad of St.Louis MO. On Ebay no less!

I did learn something important when searching for parts though...when using BMW part numbers don’t always search with the gaps included.
For example 23 31 1 066 206 gave me virtually no hits on the all-seeing almighty Google, however, with the removal of the gaps ie; 23311066206 and hey presto, Brownie now owns a new shift fork. Smile
A big thank you to all those who took the time to look in garages, under houses and in boxes of bits to help me out.
C'mon UPS....dont let me down.
More to follow.

mikuni carbs

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david... i also have put the mikuni carbs on my R69S and love the performance but the amal to mikuni rubber adapters have been a nightmare. have you found a replacement or do you know someone who makes a metal adapter?? ... jim

Mikuni vs Bing

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Hi Jim, not sure I'm that impressed with the performance of the Mikunis given the hassle they are to get right, balance tubes etc.
I sometimes think that the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) principle is the way to go.
I've since rebuilt the Bings, I took my time, laid it all out, balanced and set floats, checked and double checked everything and I intend to have them back on as soon as the gearbox issue is resolved.
I have to say that the kits offered by Bing are pretty good.
For all the hassle I had getting the Mikunis right I think I would opt for the slight decrease in performance (and I'm dragging a chair!).
But......If you want to keep the Mikunis...I ended up with an adaptor that bolted to the head (I will post a photo). They came with the bike when I got it and appear to be profesionally made. Couldnt say where to get them though.
I was never quite happy with the way the inlet tubes were fitted either. They joined to the carbs with what I think was a part of a radiator hose and two clamps and the airflow just didnt "look" right.
When Betty is all back together I may consider getting rid of both my carbs and adaptors, if you are interested let me know.
Hope this helps a little.
Brownie Smile

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