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In case you haven't been to the homepage, here's a link to the breaking story of Rebecca Berneck and Daniel May having set records over the weekend in three classes at the Maxton Mile in NC on Daniel's 1954 R25/3.


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New Land Speed Records Set

Thanks for the kind words Darryl,
We are back in Chicago now, thinking about next year already.

Looks like BMW is really making some noise in the Vintage Land Speed Record classes between Maxton and Bonneville.


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We had a large time hosting

We had a large time hosting you folks.... genuinely enjoyed watching you set records...

It would be easy to get lost in the big speed stuff.... but there are so many of us that enjoy the effort and struggles of the vintage and small bore stuff..... a 5 mph change to a 200mph bike isn't that much.... but to someone running 100mph it's 5%....

Again... glad you came....

Keith Turk


Keith Turk
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