Saturday, October 30, 2010 - Sunday, October 31, 2010
Maxton, North Carolina

Word is in that long time vintage BMW rider and restorer, Daniel May and racer Rebecca Berneck, have just set three new top speed records in 250cc Vintage classes. Our congratulations go out to them!

May and Berneck participated at the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) October meet, which was held over the weekend of October 30-31 at the Maxton Mile, a concrete track southwest of Fayetteville, NC, that is actually an abandoned runway at the Laurinburg/Maxton airport.

The new records were achieved on a 1954 BMW R25/3 that was built by Richard Sheckler. May had set a record at Maxton this past June on board the little single of 67.19933 mph in the P/VP-250/4 (Production frame and engine / Vintage Pushrod - 250cc / 4 stroke) class. The vintage class is limited to vehicles constructed in 1955 or earlier, and for the P/P classes, the vehicle can not be modified in any way.

With Berneck riding several runs on Saturday afternoon, they pushed the record up to 70.03949 mph and then 71.88027 mph! This last time surpassed the record set at Bonneville last year of 71.353 mph by Ron Brown on Rob Billington's 1950 "Freedle Flyer" R25. See that story in The Vintage BMW Bulletin Fall 2009 issue, v36n3.

After a step up in the main jet on Sunday, May rode the bike in two other classes where no record yet existed: the M/VG-250/4 (Modified / Vintage Gasoline, with very little modification to the bike) at 67.69737 mph; and the M/VF-250/4 (F for Fuel, or the ability to run any fuel, not just gasoline) at 66.53019 mph.

In the afternoon, with the time between runs shortening as the field thinned out, Berneck was back aboard in the P/PV class and on her eighth run pushed the record up to 72.08536 mph!

May and Berneck have kindly shared some photos of the event. Also, it is highly recommended that you visit Berneck's blog, Beck's Garage, to read about her recent experiences as she joinedvintage racing and the specific events around this record setting weekend!

From their website, The East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) says that it is "the principal sanctioning organization for Land Speed Racing in the Eastern United States. Five times a year, scores of car and motorcycle racers gather at the Laurinburg-Maxton airfield just outside Maxton, North Carolina, to speed down the Maxton Mile race track. Vehicles range from production cars and bikes (basically off the showroom floor) to exotic, purpose-built racers."

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