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Bruce Frey
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Here are two of the carb options I described:
R52-R11 carb repop
Cheap Graetzins


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The R52 carb repop offer

The R52 carb repop offer shows two different carbs in the photos. You need to be certain to get the correct one. The first image here is for an R42 or R47, the second is for an R52-early R11.

  • r42-47carb.jpg
  • r52-r11carb.jpg

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looks like my query has

looks like my query has become a thread of it's own.

bruce: thanks for the links. nothing i'm not familiar with, but it does help in having a direct go-to link instead of having to troll around the web for info.

darryl: a good observation regarding the differences in the two carbs; the earlier carb pictured on the left is indeed for the R42 et al...the right picture shows the series one and two carb for the R11/R16. internally they're the same; only the manifold with it's built-in air intake is different. unfortunately they're not interchangable. and not that it matters, but the one i'm looking for is the version in the right picture.

though it's been years, i still hold out hope that i'll find an original for sale.


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