Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We have just introduced another feature to our website. It's called BMW Models, and consists of a small area on the left sidebar, just below all of the buttons, and above the featured photo from our Member Photo Galleries.

BMW Models provides a listing of all of the BMW motorcycles, currently up to the end of the "/2" era, 1969, but we will be adding in the Airheads soon. Clicking on the heading will bring you to this listing, which summarizes each model by displacement, number of cylinders, years produced and serial number ranges. You can drill down into individual model pages that have much more information about them.

You can also use this to determine which model a serial number is associated with. Just enter either the frame or engine serial number into the appropriate text box and click on the Serial # Search button. This will find the model (or models -- BMW did in fact reuse some serial number ranges) that the serial number applies to. If there's just one, you'll go directly to the model page; if there's more than one, you'll get a listing of them all.

Lots of people ask about their serial numbers and hopefully this little utility should help them. Also, the detailed information should help to clarify things for people looking into a thread here about a specific model, or in general when a model comes up for sale.