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Just picked up a nice R80/7. I am not sure what owner number I am, but it is at least #4. The bike is in overall nice condition, but it is missing the tool kit, original manual (which I would really like to read and can't believe it is missing) and the Krauser bag keys. Any sources for ordering or locating sources for these items would be really helpful. Please email me at this address: rodman at buffalo dot edu Thanks, I don't want to post my email address.

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Hello - As for Krauser keys,

Hello -

As for Krauser keys, I've heard about Sudhaus keys before; try this:


You might also want to peruse http://bmwmotorcycletech.info for more "goodies"!

Another source for keys might be a salvage yard, but if they have keys for a given bag, I doubt they would give them up. But they might have a box o' keys around:


As for toolkits or manuals, the following comes to mind:



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