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First post. I thought I had a 65 R50 ready for purchase, when all of a sudden there was no title... It got lost, so a replacement was ordered. I was so excited, I registered here and was hoping to have pictures for you guys, but I have never bought anything with out a title and even though this was hard for me, I said no. I was asked to complete the purchase and once title was in, it would get forward to me, but I didn't feel good about it, so I backed out, until the issue is resolved. My daily driver is a 63 220S, Dad had a Horex, a DKW, an R27, I learned how to drive in an Opel Cadet, and now I am lusting for an Earl's bike... Been riding since I was 13, now I am 43 and things have slow down quite a bit, (when kids are asleep, that is...)
Bought some service manuals, thought I had a bike, but maybe it wasn't meant to be. Been reading a lot, there are a lot of great folks here, lot's of good advice and great pictures too! Funny thing is, back when we were kids, we'd rather walk than ride in the "basket"... Then we bought our Hondas and we thought we were cool... until 25 years later someone had bought Dad's old bike and brought it back to life. I will never forget how envious I was... Here is Dad... Greek Army Issued Motorcycle, can't tell what it is, picture was taken in 1950


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