My Old BMW

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What's there to say? Time to trade it in? Don't think so.

First Bikes

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I too have a 1968 BMW - R69S #662628. I bought it new from Ewing Hill Buysse, a dealer at the time in Windsor, VT. I have other bikes, so haven't ridden the BMW in quite a while. It has 20,009 miles on it. The engine has never been apart except for valve adjustment. I changed the oil at 500 mile intervals when I was using the BMW, so I'm hoping the slingers are cleaner than most. It was my first new vehicle which makes me somewhat reluctant to sell it. I'll be 70 at my next birthday though and all of the bikes have lost some of their luster. A Tesla Model S seems more appealing, so I'm contemplating the sale of other toys to help make a Tesla possible.

The old BMW is totally stock, in new condition except for a tad of patina and includes all of my correspondence with Buysse, including the invoice and bill of sale. The tool kit with case, owner's manual, etc. are there as well. I just joined the club. I'd be interested in talking with members about the situation.

Rob DeWitt


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Wow, an original owner. I've been collecting BMW bikes for fun and wrenching for a few years. I Have a R90S, a R100RS, a R65LS, and a R100/7. I recently came back from the National Rally in Salem Oregon, where I absolutely fell head over heals for these Vintage bikes. I'm not an owner yet, but I started my search. I started riding back in mid 1980's, and my first bike was a R65. I since bought another R65, then a couple of Kbikes. But I sold my last bike when my youngest daughter needed a car, 7 years ago. It wasn't until recently (2 years ago) that I got back into BMWs, I've never owned anything but.

If you are considering selling your R69S, I would be honored and privileged to own it. It would be a rider for me not just a trophy. I absolutely love these bikes, and have learned so much in a brief time about working on them. Please let me know if you consider selling it.

Dan Rodarte
Rocklin, Ca

1969 R60, US, St. Louis MO,

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I currently own a '69 R60 US. Have had it for ?? 30 ?? years. Last ran it in 2005 and stored in the garage with other bikes. I am renovating it now, Feb 2015 and will probably sell it, if all goes well, in March. Trying to clear the 'herd'. Sold my '78 Bonneville, keeping the '71 Tiger, plan to sell the '67 BSA and now the BMW.

Feel free to replay if interested.

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