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I am unable to find specific information on the mount for a MG-34 on the sidecar mount of a R-75. It had a prop-gun mounted on the side car and from several pictures in books I have aquired the mount is origional up to the forked attachment. I found the "U"-shaped gun attachment with a post, but this does not match the side car mount. Does anyone have knowlege or information on this missing part?

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I would post your query to

I would post your query to the Yahoo Kradrider Group:


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R75 mount

You need the "shoe" for the mount post. The U shaped mount that fits into the groove on the mg34 has two bolts on either side. Those fit into notches on the "shoe" There are a number of repro's out there. You can also modify a post ware MG42 shoe. You can get repros for between $50 and $100 an original with markings will run about $50 more. I have some diagrams if you need them.

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