"Rob Billington" wrote:

This is footage done by Steve & David Skeels, I edited Steve's 40 minutes to a 6 minute story of our last trip to Bonneville Speedweek in August 2009. I added the sound, my stills, and graphics as well the selective editing of Steve's fine work, and built a dedication memory clip as well as credits.

When I say"our last trip" I mean Kevin Brooks' Racing Team out of Olympia, Washington. Kevin services and restores vintage BMW Motorcycles and to date we have two Land Speed Records certified by the SCTA for Vintage Production Push Rod motorcycles, 500CC and 250CC; the later being my bike driven in 2008 by Brent Hanson out of San Anselmo, California, and this last year, 2009, by Ron Brown, from here in Tacoma, Washington.

Kevin's wife Barbara set a record this year of 100.330 MPH on their 500CC 1955 R50/2, besting his record from last year.

We had Brent Hanson enter his bike in 2009 as well as Kevin's Rennsport Replica, driven by Dean Paulus out of Milton, Washington.

Regretfully, we could not get the speed we needed on those two bike to set a record.

If you like this, Google Brooks Motor Works to access Kevin's fine website.

Please visit the Brooks Motorworks Website for more information!