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Here is a message I posted to the /2 list, in case you don't check in over there:

Over the weekend, I rode up to San Jose to visit my brother for some local riding. While I was there, I followed Darryl's tip and took in the March 27 motorcycle show and swap meet at the fairgrounds. I've posted a motley array of pictures here.

You might find some of this interesting, or nostalgic if you are around my age. I've given pride of place to Darryl's R52, followed by eight or ten pictures of the most amazing Moto Guzzi (and one of the most meticulous restorations) I have ever seen, followed in turn by some snaps of a very fine Zuendapp. After those three machines, it's just a random assortment of things that appealed to me. There is one shot of a Norton Atlas that is exactly like the one I owned in the 'sixties. When I saw it, I jumped back to avoid being hit by parts falling off. (Sorry, cheap shot. Some of my best friends are recovered Norton owners.)

I don't think I saw more than a dozen people under 40. Most of the makes on display disappeared so long ago that younger riders have hardly heard of them. This explains why BMW has been so smart to expand their product range in recent years. They are doing well across a wide demographic by all reports, whereas Harley is in great pain at the moment.

I rode back through Carmel Valley, where I was almost taken out by a kamikaze wild turkey --but that's another story.



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Great pix! Thanks for

Great pix! Thanks for sharing!

Do you know the model and year of the Guzzi? It has features that I have never seen on one.


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The Guzzi

The Guzzi is a 1934 Falcone. I spent some time staring at it, it has quite a combination of features. Jon's pictures show the city/country exhaust cutout very well and also the fact that this bike has a swingarm rear suspension (with friction damping). OTOH, the inlet-over-exhaust head with exposed pushrods, springs and rocker on top is pretty old school even for that era.


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Great pics

Oh those pics were really great.i liked seeing them.Thanks for sharing with us.The Guzzi is looking good.


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