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Hey guys,

i've got a new old Handbook for the BMW R23
i get this from my uncle,but i only have a MZ Rt so could'nt use it, and i think that someone could help more to have this more than to stand here at my bookcase and gather dust.

ive also some more great first class books about 'kraftfahrer' and a shell handbook
if someone interestet.

i dont want to earn money, but i want to get a fair price...


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Message sent. Unclviny

Message sent.

Unclviny (Vince)


1973 BMW R75/5 (LWB) "Griselda" (stock looking but with logical/practical improvements), 1971 Norton Commando "Commando Bizarro" (a truly strange custom project), 1936 BMW R2 "Ediltrudis" (stock, currently out getting a pro restoration). www.vinceandersononline.com

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