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FWIW, we received this 'over the transom' via the general contact form for the site. For more info, you can contact Robbie at

Dear Vintage BMW Enthusiasts,

Me and some rider buddies here in Beijing have put together an amazing ride
through Inner Mongolia we call the Genghis Khan Run and are reaching out to
fellow bikers around the world in an effort to market it.

The bikes we use are Chiang Jiang 750 which are the Chinese Military models
that are to this day still built from 1938 WWII BMW plans passed to the
Chinese army way back then. They are not of course strictly speaking BMWs but
are the closest tour experience to riding the original bikes so we thought it
may appeal to your members.

12 days on Classic Military CJ750 Sidecars, with vintage 212 support jeeps,
full crew, camping, village stays and "out there" hardly ridden China outback
touring with all expenses included, and a percentage going to upcountry kids
education along the way.

Organised by a few guys who love riding, have ridden all over the place in
Asia and the world who want other guys to have the same amazing time. Its
created with a "toys for boys" attitude and is light on the fuss and heavy on
the fun. Rough enough to make it real but with quality and comfort just where
you need it. Not too many rules (just a few for safety) and then lots of
freedom and an easy going but awesome riding schedule. All through amazing
outback China down to the Great Wall and Beijing.

We are not offering it through regular travel agency channels and hope to
only run a few trips a season with like minded fellow bikers. We'd love to
know what you think and please drop us a line if you think you may have some
guys interested and please feel free to pass it around. We're happy to make
dates suit anytime between May and September. All details are in our brochure
I could send you if you are interested, or if it is appropriate you could let
me know how I could send information to your members through your site.

And theres a special deal for organisers of trips which earns them their very
own CJ750 built to their spec and delivered home to their door.

Becuase Life is Short

Charlie R


--Charlie Rubin
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