Past Trustee (Brent), Tech Columnists and past Club Fulfillment

Brent started riding motorcycles in 1968, and bought (with lots of saved newspaper money) his first bike in 1971 - a used Honda SL70. He started wrenching for BMW in 1979 in Medford, Oregon, and remained there for 6 years. He then attended graduate school and became a registered nurse, meanwhile going through a number of bikes - a 1978 R100/7, a 1979 RT converted to an S, and a 1967 R60/2 he bought from a friend's estate. He put 150,000+ miles on the /2, about 50,000 miles with a handmade sidecar that resembled a TR500. Brent met Sue in 1994 and they moved to Yosemite where he worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and paramedic for the Park Service. By that time he had acquired a 1976 R90S with original Daytona orange paint, that he'd worked on 15-years earlier up in Medford. Since then, Brent has returned to his prior profession of BMW mechanic, starting up his own vintage and airhead repair and restoration shop. He has added to the bike stable with a 1963 R69S with Steib S501 sidecar, a 1961 R50S, a 1955 R67, and a 1990 R100GS. Brent has participated in land speed racing at El Mirage and Bonneville for the past 3 years with vintage BMWs, helping set two new records, and will be making another attempt in 2010.

Sue had no (motorcycle) life before Brent, working as an ecologist for the National Park Service after a 3-year stint in the Peace Corps in Ecuador. In 1994 she went to her first motorcycle rally and quickly realized those "scary people in leather" were as normal (or not) as she was. After a few years of being Brent's sidecar monkey, she had a mid-life crisis at the age of 40, bought a 1979 R65, and got her motorcycle endorsement. She is quickly adding miles on her restored 1963 R60/2 (purchased in 8 boxes) with Steib S350 sidecar (which hauls Little Bit the dog and camping gear), and her 1969 R60US (no training wheel!). She enjoys riding around the countryside where she makes frequent stops for plants, flowers, furry and feathered things.