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After a short stint with the USAF, Kurt took his aerospace engineering degree and moved to San Antonio to work at an independent applied research and development organization. Much of the work involves developing and installing flight data recorders into military training aircraft. Data collected is used to establish optimum inspection intervals which contribute to the safe operation of the aircraft.

Kurt became interested in BMW motorcycles, mostly because of his engineering interest in the design of the motorcycle, but maybe a little due to his paternal link to his German heritage. He became second owner of a 1978 R100/7 in 1980 and has ridden it around the US and Canada for nearly 100,000 miles. In 2005, he purchased his second BMW, a classic 1969 R69S. The most recent addition has been a green 1952 R25/2, a police bike which saw service in Montabaur, Germany. While all of these bikes are great bikes and each with its purpose, the little R25/2 might just end up being his little Sch├Ątzchen!