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Ok, who is planning to go to which one? The BMW MOA rally is July 15-18 in Redmond, Oregon. The BMW RA rally is two weeks later, July 29-August 1 in Pownal,. Vermont. Both rallies will have a big vintage display!

Personally, I'm going to the MOA event, mostly because it's only 700 miles from me. Last year I went to both rallies, because they were close together. There will apparently be a ride announced soon for those that go to both this year and also stop at the Top of the Rockies Rally, which is on the weekend in between.

The vintage display at the MOA rally will be run by VBMWMO club members Jack Wells and Bob Lonergan. There will be at least one vintage seminar, a concours judging, and three days of tire kicking. I'll be volunteering there, except when I sneak off to go riding in the Cascades, or maybe eastern Oregon where it butts up against Idaho.

The BMW RA and the VBMWMO are working together for the Vermont rally. The VBMWMO will be running the vintage display, and while planning is still underway, there will be a judging and some kind of Q&A; maybe a vintage ride, too. I went to the MOA's Vermont rally in 2006, and the riding there is excellent. Ride the 100s! (There's a collection of great little state highways, all numbered in the low 100s, that branch off of VT-100.)


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