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Last year the engine went through rebore & new pistons with new carburetors where fitted and now the oil slinger where changed to new ones; a new oil gear was fitted (aluminium) on the oil pump and after that the PowerDynamo 12V kit was installed. The bike is a first kick starter and runs smoothly and quietly, but: After a long ride for its first time today (about 40 km) the rubber seals (new ones) of the tappet guides/tubes broke out and oil was coming out from there. The whole engine casting was very hot! I could not touch the oil dip stick! So was the gearbox casting: Hot and untouchable! They where hot like exhaust pipes! The cylinder's fins where normally hot. There was no smell and the engine started again with no problem. No oil is missing. It seams that it is building up an inner pressure that can not come out or so, I don't know. The oil breather/venting mechanism can't be assembled wrongly – there's only a "go" and "no go" situation there, as far as I remember.
I will appreciate any help or idea.
Thanks a lot – Micha.


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