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My R60/5 top end was worn to the next size over. New pistons and valves!


My machinist told me that the pinging that these bikes had contributed to

the wear at 37,000 miles What are your thoughts?



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Rebuiding top end on R60/5

It is sort of well known that the R60/5 and /6 bikes were somewhat prone to pinging. This was due to the agressive cam profile as well as the high compression ratio. They were trying to wring as much out of the engine as they could.

Pinging tends to create direct problems for the combustion chamber, particularly the piston crown and the inside of the chamber. Seems to me that that kind of damage would not have affected the need to go first over on the cylinder walls. Wear on the cylinder walls would be due to some other issue, such as high heat generation (although, pinging might contribute to that...hmmm), poor oil used in the engine, poor filtration (allowing lots of dust in).

I would think that excessive pinging would result in more damage to the piston area and not the cylinders...especially in less than 40K miles.

From my perspective, what the mechanic said doesn't wash with me.

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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