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My question is my kick starter jams up. I only use my hands to turn (the kick lever) it when it jams, I push the top of the fly wheel and it moves and the kicker re engages. I am wonder if the sector gear is worn.
Any suggestions?

I have the jugs off for a refit, the bike was sitting for 6 years. is was my old bike I sold in 84 and just happened on the buyers widow who told me she still had the bike and I bought it back for $600.
It's rolling chassie with the engine and tranny still in the frame.




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Kick starter on a R60/5 1971

Read about this sort of thing on Duane's site:


I understand that the kick starters and especially these sector gears where not quite stout enough on the early models. The /2 machines had decent kickers...they had to, that was all there was! But with the /5, the electric starter is the preferred method. The kicker should really only be used in an emergency, although people say they use it over and over with no problems. Maybe so, but the electric start is still the way to go.

But if the sector gear is going, then it really needs to be fixed. There are good mechanics out there that know these trannys inside and out. Barrington Motor Works is up in your area. I believe Max BMW is a good source for repairs on the old Airheads.

I know that on my /2 when the kicker gets stuck, I of course don't force it...I usually pull in the clutch lever, easily move the kick lever to a new position, and resume the kicking process.

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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