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Getting a pulsation in my front brake of my 78 R80/7. Can that rotor be resurfaced? As opposed to buying a $300 rotor?

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front brake rotor

Have you been able to see the runout variations when you've spun the wheel? You could do the pencil trick by fixing something, like a wooden dowel, to be in contact with the rim and then slowly turn the wheel without changing it's position in the air. Maybe you could get a sense of the variations.

I'm wondering if you need to be sure that you're caliper/pads are aligned correctly. You should have the single ATE caliper on the left fork. There's a specific way to be sure the pad is parallel to the disk.

After that, I've not heard about much success in turning these rotors. They're pretty close to minimum thickness to start with. The number should be cast into the hub of the rotor. You'll need to find someone who can suck the rotor down onto a flat surface and then perform a grinding operation...not sure a lathe, mill, or cutting tool will do the job properly.

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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