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I'm having a hard time finding a new or used set of stock risers for my 1972 R75/5. The previous owner decided to put some harley style risers that have bolts which dig into the tank if I tilt the bars hard left or right. I want to replace them with the original equipment to prevent further damage to the bike. My dealer can get the part for me but I'd be looking at $130ish to get them new and I'd like to find some second hand or from a third party. Anyone have a good source that they turn to when you're having problems like these?

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Best parts resource

Ted Porter at http://www.beemershop.com up in NorCal is a good source for BMW parts. He may has have ideas of used parts as well. I believe Ozzie's BMW is located in SoCal, but not sure where.

A couple of sources for used parts are:

Mike in Austin, TX at http://www.airheadsalvage.com

Re-psycle in Ohio at http://www.re-psycle.com/

You might also try Bob's BMW at http://www.bobsbmw.com. I think they may have used parts as well.

A couple of other places that I've saved links for; don't know how much they have:


Then I have this info up in Santa Cruz:

Robert Van Vliet 831-426-2527

The guy at Airhead Salvage works another job so it may take a bit for him to get back to you.

Kurt in S.A.


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