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So I just picked up a 1972 R75/5 from a friend of mine, she starts and idles (roughly) but it's only got 14k original miles and has never been down. I want to cafe it out starting with getting some clubman style bars on it. The current bars are 22mm OD and I've only been able to find 7/8" OD bars. The conversion is 22.22mm, using the stock controls and risers the 7/8 should fit without problem correct?????

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cafe convertion

hans at bmwhucky will have most of the stuff you'll need to convert your bars.if you want a cafe style seat i have a corbin cafe style seat for sale for $125.oo it is slightly used with no problems i just don't like it and i'm converting my /5 back to stock.

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i am interested in the seat if you do not get a sale here contact jimstravlin@hotmail.com... thanks.. jim

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