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There is a lovely, overpriced, refurbished red 1956 R69 for sale on ebay:



Unfortunately, it is not, as claimed a concours restoration. Why?

First, Granada red was not available in 1956
Chromed air cleaner cover, and it is the wrong period
Black timing hole plug
Foot pegs, battery tray, etc., painted red - should be black
But a black tire pump - should be color matched albeit that color was not available
Modern style tires
Stainless spokes
Stainless mufflers and exhaust pipes
Stainless bolts and nuts
Stainless rings around roundels
Modern hand grips
12-volt system
Wrong tank
Wrong wide saddle
Wrong headlight "ears" (I am told)
Wrong tail light for a 1956:

Here is the R69 illustration from the 1956 BMW factory brochure:

Moreover, the first out-of-the-box 100 MPH BMW motorcycle was the R68, not the R69 as claimed.

If someone wants to spend $39K for this bike, he or she will have a very pretty unrestored rider.

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$39,000 for a refurbished R69?

And the guy can't even take pictures...hello, your shadow!!! D'oh!

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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$39,000 for a refurbished R69?

You are being kind. You're list could be much longer.
I liked the statement "The BMW Motorcycle factory warranty has recently expired, so the bike will be sold as is."
Did BMW have a special extended warrenty in '56?

"The new pistons were also treated with the carbide coating to improve flow and horsepower."
I didn't know that you could improve flow or horsepower by coating the pistons.

I like the period correct concours Givi wind screen too.


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$39,000 for a refurbished R69?

Both wheels are laced in the post 57 pattern.

The damper knob is for an R60/R50 friction damper, not the hydraulic damper.

Missing the rubber plugs in the unused holes in the top triple clamp.

Karcoma petcock.

Sidestand not repainted.

Dings in the front shock cover.

Unpainted cable bands, and they don't pass over the protective rubber on the cable.

Front brake preset screw and nut show rust.

Missing passenger pegs.

Later "bat wing" control for turn signals.

Steiger solo seat.

Front brake levers on wheel backing plate are not painted black.


VBMWMO Webmaster,--Darryl Richman

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$39,000 for a refurbished R69?

In the eBay ad, photo 18 shows one of the buddy seats I adapted from a scooter seat. It was #5 of a total of 27, and was shipped to him in April 2003. At that time Vinson said he had two restored red R69S, one with wide bench, other with solo seat. So this restoration is at least that old.

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$39,000 for a refurbished R69?

How about the later headlight ears, battery tray and license plate bracket.

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$39,000 for a refurbished R69?

Well, in light of all of the above, perhaps he would settle for, say, $35,000.... ??

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