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Good morning everyone.
I`m a new member, and the reason is that my grandfather recently died and left me his old and beloved BMW motorcycle, as it has been my favorite since childhood.
My problem is that i don`t exactly know the specific model and i have not yet decided what should i do with it. Can anyone recognize the model and inform me about what does it worth for collectors if i upload some pictures in a few days ?
If the cost of fixing it is large, I will probably sell it in a good price for a collector.
From what i know it was bought from a German former soldier and looks very alike with the R69 model.


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BMW R68 or R69 ?

There are some people with very discerning eyes here, so post the pictures and you should find some help...or opinions, at least.

As for R68 or R69, it should be fairly easy to tell. Go to


and click on the links to the two bikes. You'll see some pictures that will give you a pretty good idea of some of the bike details. Also look through this gallery


There are pictures of both the R68 and R69.

From what I can see, the R68 preceeded the R69. The R68 has a rear suspension called the "plunger". The front suspension was the typical straight forks. The R69 has the a different rear suspension that was used in the period commonly referred to as the /2 period. The front suspension is also different, known as the Earles fork or a leading link suspension.

Your pictures will help others decide how much it will take to restore it. For it to be a solid runner, most likely it will need to be completely overhauled, especially the lower end of the engine. It may be possible to just change fluids and clean things up, but there may be great risk in severe damage to the main bearings if the previous maintenance was not kept up or if there are significant number of miles on the machine.

Look forward to see some pictures...Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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BMW R68 or R69 ?


Will you post bid here. I am also interested to buy your BMW bike.



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interested buyer

i am very interested in purchasing your bikes please let me know when you make a decision... thanks... jim

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