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I have a 1962 R60 with Steib S 501. I have heard there is a classic car wax / cleaner package called Zymol. Does anyone know if this would be OK for an original paint machine? I just acquired this thing out of a barn, stored a really long time. Thanks. Tom

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polishing a /2 and Steib

Tom -

Never heard of it, but a googled it. Found this:

"Zymol offers you complete Automotive cleaning Enhancement products. Unlike many car care companies, Zymol makes available a detailed analysis of how its products work compared with other waxes in the face of various kinds of dirt and pollutants. All Zymol waxes are handcrafted from a carriage maker's formula developed in the German town of Bischofsheim in the late 1800s. Though the original formula was based on animal products, it has been updated through research and engineering to be an entirely plant-based product today. Zymol uses nutritive oils to replace the oils originally found in your car's finish without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives."

It originates from Germany? Hey, can't be that bad, right? Sounds like it would be fine.

I would think you would want something that won't eat through the paint but will help clean the finish up. Sounds like this is as good as any. Never used it or heard of it, though...but that's not saying much.

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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polishing a /2 and Steib

Zymöl is a high end line of cleaners, waxes and polishes. I haven't used them, but have heard some favorable reviews. You can get them through Griots Garage (google them), and for a while, some of their products were at Costco (but I haven't seen them lately).


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polishing a /2 and Steib


I use Zymol after many recommendations from the Porsche Owners Club. Does what I want from WAX - goes on easy, comes off easy , looks good, and when it gets on the rubber and black trim, it doesn't leave the messy residue!


Huntington Beach, CA

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