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I intend to remove the gearbox this winter in order to fix the stripped thread of the oil filling plug, to check the clutch in this opportunity and see why the gears are noisy while shifting. Can I re-use the bolts of the clutch and the drive shaft system, or must I buy new ones as they are single use items? Is there any thing else I should pay attention to? Any ideas or tips? Thank you. Micha.


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Gear/clutch stripping question:

What I've heard is that if you can hand-thread the bolts into their respective holes and they go in without any binding at all, then you could likely reuse them. I believe the reason for the single use concept is that they are supposed to stretch upon use. Stretching would indicate a change in thread pitch. Thus, it would seem, if they are completely fine when threaded by hand, that would indicate they haven't been stetched, or that they have stetched but not to the point of distortion...they were still in their elastic state and have reverted to their nominal dimensions.

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