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lookind for some advice on how to loosen the piston inside the Bing carburator on my 1969 R 60 US.
I tried some heat( caburator is off the bike) W/no result.
Tonight I got the carburator soaked in some carburator cleaner. I guess I'll check it in the morning.
Any Help would be great.

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Any good advice on how to loosen the slider (piston) ?

When I consider stuck bolts/nuts, I usually go for something like Aerokroil or PB Blaster as a penetrant. Not sure if something like that would work in this situation. Carb cleaner may work, but the other penetrants may go a bit further to cutting into the corrosion if that's the problem.

You've tried heat...I wonder if cold might work... The idea is to get the parts to contract and expand. That small movement may be enough to work loose the parts that are binding. Try the freezer for 3-4 hours.

Kurt in S.A.


Kurt in S.A.
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Any good advice on how to loosen the slider (piston) ?

the throttle slide? yeah i'd try soaking it in pb blaster.

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